Cañon Car Club

Fellowship and Cool Cars

We are a club of over 100 members and their families interested in great cars and the people who own them. The club is located in the Cañon City, Colorado, but members are from all over Fremont County and surrounding areas. During the car show season, activities and events are scheduled for most weekends.

From Friday and Saturday night cruises to Saturday and Sunday car shows. Club members like to tour together. For out-of-town shows, we meet somewhere and cruise together. Additionally, we are the host club for a major car show in Fremont County each year. 

The Cañon Car Club was established:

  • To promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all its branches and, in particular, to further the interests of owners and drivers of cherished cars.
  • To promote, organize and hold an annual car show; to offer prizes and awards in respect thereof; and make such arrangements as may be determined for any such purpose.
  • To extend to owners and drivers of cars, and their friends and to all persons interested in motoring activities, the full hospitality, privileges, and conveniences enjoyed in connection with the Cañon Car Club.
  • To maintain relationships, exchange ideas, and otherwise interact with Car Clubs through out the world.
  • To sponsor good fellowship, safe driving and courtesy on the road.
  • To promote technical awareness in relation to your vehicles safety and reliability.

The club's member-elected board members meet monthly to discuss club business. They ensure the club is operating as planned.  Monthly membership meetings are designed to bring news and information to the members. Club business is presented to the membership, past events are relived, future events pitched, and a lively open forum ensues.  The open forum gives the membership an opportunity to talk about project cars, what is going on around Colorado, and other car news.

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Why Join Cañon Car Club?

First and foremost, you'll meet a great bunch of fun people who enjoy cars and the people who own and drive them. Whether you’re into vintage classics, modified Mustangs, or just want to hang out with other folks as excited about your ride as you are, you might think about joining the Cañon Car Club. The best part of any club is socializing! You’ll get chances to socialize with new people at every in-person function along with being able to:

    • Share your car knowledge and learn from others
    • Enjoy a year filled with a fantastic car show, meet-ups, and fun activities
    • Attend our monthly club meetings that are filled with information of past and upcoming events, news and even some levity
    • Receive a copy of the club directory and a windshield club logo decal
    • Purchase great looking regalia items at discount prices
    • Browse our website and maybe see your face or car showcased or spotlighted

It doesn’t matter if you just like to tinker on weekends or are serious about doing all your car’s maintenance and modifications yourself! Having a resource like members from the Cañon Car Club around to ask questions, brainstorm, and problem solve is a great way to bolster your knowledge while making the latest change or repair to your car. 

At Cañon Car Club, you will be sure to encounter mechanically-inclined members to provide answers to your questions regarding branding, maintenance, repair, and repainting. As your personal experience and knowledge grows, you’ll also get a chance to help and inspire other members! 


Embrace Your Love Of Cars!

Join Us for Fellowship and Cool Cars