Canon Car Club Christmas Party

Happy Holidays!

2022-12-09Updated: 2022-12-12 Cañon Car Club

The Canon Car Club held its annual Christmas Party last Thursday, 8 December, at the Royal Gorge.

Our 2022 event was one of the first and, to date, largest group dinners hosted by the Royal Gorge team in their updated and remodeled restaurant. The festive menu included chips / dip and spring rolls to start, a selection of vegetables, garlic potatoes with both ham and turkey for the main course and chocolate-dipped crème puffs and cookies to finish a wonderful meal all served in a buffet style.

As usual, our fearless leader spent a few moments thanking the many club members who help keep the club running, providing fresh ideas as well as new members to the club.  Only person Keven left out was KEVEN so here is a BIG THANKS to Keven!

While the weather was pretty decent for an early December evening, there was a brisk breeze which made the group photo a very quick trip out onto the grande veranda and then a mad dash back in.  Or maybe the mad dash was to…

Enjoy the stand-up comedy stylings of Mr’s Zerby and Knotek. 

The club has a long tradition of giving and sharing with the community but tonight was sharing within the club.  Everyone brings a gift and gets a gift in a random drawing.  And all the while, Mr’s Zerby and Knotek are sharing the hours of downloading and memorizing perhaps the greatest collection of bad Christmas jokes since last year.   The club member’s collective imagination was on display with gifts ranging from lights to tools to artwork to blankets to perhaps the largest chocolate bar in Canon City!

A sampling…

What is the best possible holiday present?  A broken drum, you just can’t beat it!

What did one snowman say to the other?  Is it just me or do you smell carrots?

What did the gingerbread man put on his bed?  A cookie sheet.

Then there was something about 3 guys at the pearly gates, keys, something else and then a woman’s undergarment – what a way to end a wonderful evening!

Pictures Courtesy Mike Martin!

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